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We are producers who intend to practice “sustainable viticulture” by matching traditional know-how with new growing methods. We have given ourselves a set of regulations that fall within the guidelines of the “International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control” aimed at the production of high quality wines which are safe for the consumer. We want to prioritize “gentle” farming methods. We set out to maintain biodiversity in viticultural systems, to preserve the fertility of the soil, to reduce the impact on the environment, to safeguard the health of the producer, and to ensure the production of healthy grapes and wines. We wish to protect the quality of wine from the standardization imposed by working methods and commercial incentives that have profit as their main goal.
Customer satisfaction is not pursued as the single final result. It becomes a means of involving consumers in such a way that they work together with growers for the production of healthy, quality wines: a strong alliance for the conservation of the environment and the landscape.
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