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Traditional “savoir-faire” is incorporated by the Association into the guiding principles of the various steps involved in production, in which - at the same time - processes of innovation in supply chain techniques are implemented to improve the quality of the product and protect the environment.

The protocol sets out an undertaking to define best practices.


The protection of the environment


The Association applies virtuous behaviour patterns encompassing the entire production process and incentivizes conduct which all the component parts of wineries are committed to or involved in.

Respect for the environment, air, water and soil is achieved by adopting simple, yet effective rules that gradually lead to the development of a new production model.


Transparency and traceability


Each and every winery procedure must be shared and marked by total transparency, also vis-à-vis the consumer.

The association requires member wineries to adhere fully to annual and multi-year work plans.

The traceability of vinegrowing and winemaking practices is understood as a tool for improving relations between the sections of the supply chain and between the winery and the consumer.




The precise application of the regulations is entrusted to the integrity of the members, but it is also submitted to the supervision of an independent, accredited certification body.

Work plans indicating the procedures to be followed and the objectives to be pursued are submitted annually to the Association’s advance approval.  Logistical and technical support provided by the reference organisation, Bio-Service, ensures correct application of the guiding principles.

The application of the protocol relies on its being shared by the members, and is guaranteed by controls carried out on the procedures adopted and multi-residue analyses performed on the wines obtained.



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